Rejecting Candidates Who Won’t Act for Climate Stabilization

US Representative Henry Waxman authored a piece entitled “The GOP’s climate contradictions“, which was carried on Politico’s website. In the article, Mr. Waxman addresses such perspectives as “we question the science”, “we can’t act alone”, and “EPA shouldn’t be regulating climate change.” His purpose is to deflate those arguments.

He closes the article as follows: “We cannot repeal the laws of nature. If we continue to do nothing, the floods, wildfires, heat waves and extreme weather that have wreaked havoc across our nation — at a cost of tens of billions of dollars annually — will increase and intensify. And future generations will never understand why we squandered our shrinking opportunity to protect the planet.”

These criticisms are not being offerred by a casual bystander. Representative Waxman has been an outspoken Congressional advocate for climate action, having championed legislation in the 111th session with fellow-representative Edward Markey (their “American Clean Energy and Security” Act passed the House but died in the Senate). Mr. Waxman has gone so far as to label climate change a “moral issue” during a speech earlier this year at the Center for American Progress.

In a related story, mid-Iowa publisher Ames Tribune released “Scientists urge candidates to recognize climate change” on November 22.

One message which is being loudly voiced in these items is the need to avert the election of climate-deniers or even climate-apathists in the upcoming electoral cycle.

How do we assure that climate deniers and apathists are rejected at the polls one year from now?

Your actionable ideas are warmly invited!

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  1. admin says:

    Posted by Admin on Behalf of Wes E:

    Part of the answer to your question is for us to support League of Conservation Voters as much as we can. They have a very strong track record of tracking the environmental record of all members of Congress and targeting those with poor records and who are in reasonably competitive races so as to get them out of office. LCV is one of my favorite organizations to contribute to.

  2. admin says:

    Submitted by Admin on behalf of Matt S:

    Perhaps a pledge distributed in mass through climate advocacy groups would help build the tangible political pressure we need in 2012.

  3. admin says:

    Submitted by Admin on behalf of Matt S:

    A pledge that we (all signatories) have lost faith that the President will fulfill his 2008 campaign promise to take on climate change. Because of this he has lost our votes for 2012. Maybe we can come up with a roadmap on how Obama can win back our support? A list of tangible actions he can take between now and the election to get back our votes?

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