Reacting in Outrage to

The linked ad showed up on a full page of a North Jersey newspaper (The Record, page A12) on September 7, 2011 – strategically timed, no doubt, to coincide with anti-fracking actions going on that day in Philadelphia .

Check out the ad: Advertisement  (then return here by clicking the Back-Arrow in your browser!). The ad shows an intent, inquisitive, blond-haired toddler crouched on a patch of perfect, green grass; he is peering through a big magnifying glass, directing his sight into the earth. His background is a pleasant, out-of-focus expanse of green leaves.

The headline reads: “WHERE IS AMERICA FINDING MORE THAN A CENTURY’S WORTH OF CLEAN, DOMESTIC ENERGY?” The answer, placed below the large picture of the toddler, is stated as “RIGHT BENEATH OUR FEET.” Additional text asserts: “technology has improved”, “safely recover”, “practices employed to protect the environment”, “transform America’s energy security”, “creating jobs and growing the economy”, and “let’s unlock it.”

NJ’s Governor has established a 1-year moratorium on drilling, a relatively small amount of which is envisioned in the state. NY’s DEC has just issued socio-economic data to supplement its generic environmental impact statement; public comment continues through December 12, 2011 ( ; again, return here by clicking the Back-Arrow). PA is in the midst of fracking; property owners continue to be negatively impacted (at Tar Sands, I spoke with Jeremiah Compton Gee about devastation at his family’s home in Wellsboro PA which occurred earlier this year under the supervision of Shell).


What messages need to be publicized? What sound-bytes? What pictorials? How to broadcast to all? How to respond fast? …

One suggestion which occurs to me based on my Tar Sands attendance: Show the child mainlining oil into his veins, the victim of the addiction which plagues us now, floating on a raft with only the radio mast of the new WTC building showing. (I am being intentionally provocative and insensative. My apologies, in advance.)

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  1. Jo Sippie-Gora says:

    That was a devilishly clever ad.
    My response was to envision the same boy wearing futuristic glasses, seeing way down to leaking pipes & polluted water, but it’s a much more complicated message.

  2. Tara says:

    I’m still learning about the wretched practice of fracking Once that has been absorbed I’ll have a suggestion or two or three.

    BTW, I spotted Bill McKibben’s post today on DailyKos

    It seems like progress.


  3. Jerome Wagner says:

    Added by Admin/Jerome on behalf of fi la:

    (T)he cheepest thing to do is write letters to the editor telling them how dissappointed you are in the quality of their work. They have lowered their quality to that of the tabloids. Their lack of ethics have them supporting fiction that harms our society. Would they accept an ad from the KKK knowing that it would harm our society? If not, then they shouldn’t have accepted this ad either, since it equally as harmful, morally disgusting and divoid of logic.

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