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What Factors Make The Climate Action Movement Unique?

Friday, July 29th, 2011

It occurs to me that the climate action movement needs to identify and understand factors which differentiate it from successful historic movements. Purposes for such an exercise would include: i) defining strategies and tactics which address those unique attributes or challenges; and, ii) putting into context the enormity of the task of advancing the movement.

Movements with which we might compare and contrast include: women suffrage; African-American civil rights; farm workers; and others. (I am no historian.)

I’ll start off some observations/suggestions and ask that readers add their thoughts…


1) addressing global warming needs to touch and affect every aspect of personal and societal life in order to be meaningful; no group is exempt; no activity will be exempt; as much as 9/11/2001 has affected life, addressing global warming will be even more pervasive in our lifestyles.

2) addressing global warming will affect the consumption patterns of individual Americans, an aspect of life from which we derive satisfaction, comfort, self-esteem, social status, even purpose; further, the affect will be in reducing that consumption, generally speaking – a tendancy which many may find distasteful. Further, directly affecting consumption through external means (as by taxation) could be deemed an attack on personal freedom by many Americans.

3) Many segments of society are bound to the success – and failure – of the major corporate entities active in the fossil-fuel industry. Obviously, employees of same, and their families and communities; these are in virtually bondage. Governments fearful of relocation of the industry’s operations and the attendant loss of tax revenue (?) and employment opportunity (?) and other support are similarly led by the nose. Even retirees – through their pensions plans, IRA’s, and other investments – are complicit in the expectation that – even the need for – the corporations included in their portfolios to do well; and will applaud great performance, without possibly knowing how those were achieved.


I leave the floor to the next commenter… Please, come on up to the microphone…

Hello world!

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

Welcome to WordPress on 1&1 and this site! I have never done this before, so please bear with me!

My desire is to engage intellectually with you in an open forum where-in we can talk about climate matters – with the intention of moving American society – or at least ourselves – in the direction of climate stabilization.

Initially, I will apply no controls as to who can comment; again, the purpose is free exchange of ideas. I ask that commenters remain dignified and courteous: I will purge comments which might be personally offensive to others…

Thanks! Jerome Wagner